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Google released its 2019 wrap up and 2020 predictions report recently. Here are our quick hits on the report to save the busy nonprofit professional time. A few items came out of the report that were interesting. Here is a brief recap for nonprofits:

  1. Google continues to focus its research ethics on its 2018 AI principles
  2. Google created ways to reduce bias in machine learning data with its Fairness Indicators
  3. Understandingly, Google is taking a major focus on the issue of deep fakes
  4. Flood forecasting is a key area for Google research, along with other climate related projects
  5. Google launched the Bolo app to tutor kids in real-time in 200 villages in India 

As well, Google did some deep dives into a few other topics including:

  1. AI Google Impact challenge: Doctors Without Borders and Rainforest connection included
  2. Health projects with a focus on tumor identification
  3. Augmented Reality with a focus on translation
  4. Quantum Computing and the future of processing
  5. Machine Learning models and theory
  6. Machine Perception & Robotics
  7. Open datasets


For 2020, Google’s primary area of focus are focused on its principles:

  1. Building machine learning systems that can handle millions of tasks simultaneously rather than having to build a myriad of models
  2. Greater focus on avoiding bias, increasing interpretability, and improving privacy 
  3. Major focus on key scientific advancement areas (e.g., Health, environment) 
  4. Increase diverse community of researchers

We look forward to including Google’s work in our State of Artificial Intelligence in the Nonprofit Sector in 2020.  

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About the author:  Jared is the CEO of PwrdBy, speaker, and a published author. PwrdBy empowers nonprofits to fundraise smarter through artificial intelligence apps such as Amelia and NeonMoves. Before joining PwrdBy, Jared was a Senior Consultant in Deloitte’s Sustainability practice with experience working with Fortune 500 companies to design social and environmental sustainability strategies. He is a Lean Six Sigma Process Black Belt.