Fundraise smarter with NeonMoves.


NeonMoves is the leading on-the-go mobile fundraising platform. NeonMoves enables you to focus on relationship building through artificial intelligence.


NeonMoves users are unlimited. The more fundraisers, board members and volunteers use NeonMoves, the smarter it becomes.


The only mobile tool for nonprofits that turns data into action. The sharpest fundraising tools at your fingertips.

Steward Donors Wherever You Are. 


Reduce time spent planning your day


Simplify fundraising workflow with mobile activity  management tools


Raise more money by creating revenue goals


Maximize your time by analyzing donations and donor trends


Improve conversations with conversation checklists


Save time by creating new donors through business card read imaging with nonprofit AI

Speed up your notetaking and follow-up plans through voice-to-text

Sync everything between your NeonCRM database and Neonmoves 

Neon One Partnership

NeonMoves is an exclusive partnership between NeonCRM and PwrdBy. Setting up NeonMoves is easy and FREE. Bring your NeonCRM data with you wherever you go.

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