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Artificial Intelligence. It surrounds us. It determines the way we shop online, the pictures we see online, and the kind of advertisements we consume. From helping classify craters on Mars to virtual assistants, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been woven into the very fabric of our day-to-day lives. Of late, however, AI has become a point of contention as to whether its benefits outweigh its economic costs to society. Nevertheless, AI has the potential to positively affect individuals and communities.

Our team at PwrdBy has leveraged our experience building AI, our research, conversations with leaders and adopters of artificial intelligence in the nonprofit space, and recent survey results to inform this second edition of the state of AI in the nonprofit sector (SAINS) report. This year, we partnered with two nonprofit technology leaders, Futurus Group and Neon One, to build a comprehensive and thorough current state analysis. As outlined in the first edition of the SAINS report and as evidenced by the feedback we received from last year’s report, SAINS is necessary to understand how the nonprofit world is incorporating AI into its operations to benefit underserved individuals and communities.

We hope you derive as much value from reading the report as we did researching and writing it. We look forward to your feedback.

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About the Author: Jared is the CEO of PwrdBy and a published author. Before joining PwrdBy, Jared was a Senior Consultant in Deloitte’s Social Impact and Sustainability practice with experience on social and environmental sustainability engagements. His project expertise centered on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, social impact operating model design, funding strategy, financial analytics, and improving partner engagement programs. He is a lean six sigma black belt.