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The State of Mobile apps in the world is no joke. App Annie published its annual report for 2020 and So much is happening this year in mobile apps. The mobile world is looking incredibly positive! Here are a few highlights from the report. 

Few important things to note as they relate to nonprofits:

  1. Mobile growth is starting to slow relative to market size. We are about to hit a mature market. For nonprofits, this means you absolutely need a mobile strategy, if you do not have one already.
  2. Mobile-first companies have higher IPO averages. What about mobile first nonprofits? Do those exist today? We expect to see a few in the coming years. 
  3. “Mobile is the central nervous system of our lives.” Mobile is connecting our lives, home, and work. Mobile will be everything soon but it’s not necessarily only your phone. Think Alexa and Nest. 
  4. Gen Z has 60% more sessions per user than older generations. If you want to capture the younger crowds, you need a mobile strategy.
  5. Mobile advertising is here to stay. Mobile ad strategy can be tough and confusing but expect big wins if you engage with people effectively through mobile. 

For the full article, read it here.  


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About the author:  Jared is the CEO of PwrdBy, speaker, and a published author. PwrdBy empowers nonprofits to fundraise smarter through artificial intelligence apps such as Amelia and NeonMoves. Before joining PwrdBy, Jared was a Senior Consultant in Deloitte’s Sustainability practice with experience working with Fortune 500 companies to design social and environmental sustainability strategies. He is a Lean Six Sigma Process Black Belt.