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We are proud partners with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in mobile innovation and technology development and continue to advance the In Flight mobile platform to change how fundraisers plan their day, visit partners, and track data.

CMN Hospitals offers a unique test ground for new technologies because it faces mobile adversity that affects its mission of raising $1B annually by 2022. Some of these challenges are geography, multiple entities, scope, and managing an on-the-go field team.

1. Geography — There are 170 hospitals across the U.S. and Canada that span from Hawaii to Puerto Rico and all the way up to Nova Scotia. This geographic diversity is key for mobile innovation because mobile solves cross-border problems more than desktop solutions.

2. Multiple entities — Each of the 170 hospitals are their own entity with a Chief Development Officer (CDO), local CMN fundraising representatives and budget. This poses unique challenges and opportunities because it demands diffusion of technology innovation and cost. No single entity has the budget to support expensive mobile development costs, however, building for 170 use cases creates a rich organizational platform.

3. Scope — Due to the size of the CMN Hospitals, their problems are truly network problems enabling a significant amount of experimentation. While a 10% decrease in drive time or planning would only impact a single organization’s bottom line incrementally, a 10% increase in productivity across 170 organizations could be worth $10M+ annually.

4. On-the-go team — The 400+ local fundraising representatives across CMN Hospitals are constantly in the field and need technology that can keep up. It is important that they carry smartphones that can track their contacts, notes and analytics to drive value from their partner relationships.

If you combine all of these challenges and look at the technology CMN Hospitals has created to address them, you’ll find a truly innovative platform for mobile exploration.

In Flight is their first mobile experiment and focuses on addressing these issues and more. It is an on-the-go mobile field productivity software that saves individuals up to one-day-per-week of wasted time planning, tracking, managing data and performing analytics. That is an extra day per week to deepen partner relationships, identify new partnerships and drive fundraising value. We’re currently determining how In Flight could grow and accelerate numerous local cause marketing programs across the nonprofit industry.

From the trunk of a fundraiser, here’s what In Flight is replacing

As we envision where PwrdBy will be in the next three years, we’re really excited by the solutions we’re building with nonprofits like Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

We continue to forge new partnerships, including the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s 2016 Naloxone Competition that awarded PwrdBy for our mobile app prototype, OD Help.

Thank you to our colleagues at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals!