Empowering Nonprofits & Driving Social Impact With Mobile-Native Solutions

Our Process

Ideate, Design, Execute, Analyze
We take our partners through an innovation process that we’ve affectionality nicknamed I.D.E.A. for Ideation, Design, Execution, and Analysis.
The process focuses on understanding key challenges and opportunities to build an actionable strategy and business case.
Better quality meetings mean more donations for your organization.
In Flight helps fundraisers with on-the-go partner relationship management mobile application for nonprofit fundraisers and volunteers.
  • 99% of fundraisers love the app
  • 93% of fundraising reported improved quality of donor meetings

The Future of Fundraising is in Your Hands

Fundraising is tough. Access to good nonprofit technology should be easy.

Amelia was designed with input from 400+ fundraisers to alleviate many of the challenges that nonprofit organizations encounter on a daily basis.

ODHelp earned first prize in the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s Naloxone App Competition to develop a mobile application to┬árapidly connect naloxone carriers to a person experiencing an opioid overdose.
Our aim with the ODHelp mobile app is to help combat the rising opioid epidemic.

Our Partners