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Credit: Appen, “The State of AI and Machine Learning

Appen, a worldwide AI training data company, published its “The State of AI and Machine Learning” report. It is a succinct look into the State of AI. As with other AI-related reports, here is a nonprofit-focused summary for the busy practitioner. The graphs in the report are interesting though typically look at how companies are using AI, so we leveraged a number of them to provide the summary.

AI is no longer “new and exciting” for businesses. It’s table stakes and 73% are using it.

    Companies aren’t just talking about AI. Almost everyone is implementing some version of AI or machine learning.

    COVID-19 has played a major role in driving AI adoption across major players and within companies. Also, the article questions if AI will become a feature of larger platforms or actually platforms on their own.

    Ethics, governance, and risk management are being viewed in multiple lenses. Overall, global rollout is the most common lens. Basically, AI ethics and governance are important to all users. This will only increase in the coming years.

    Companies implementing AI are seeing an increase in the importance of bias. Considering what is happening globally right now, it’s no surprise they’re worried if algorithms are being biased. Spoiler alert: they are biased. 

    Finally, budgets greater than $5 doubled in the last year. Those who are seeing value in AI are doubling down. This same trend will happen in nonprofit. 

    Suffice to say, COVID-19 has only accelerated the adoption of AI globally. The nonprofit world is still warming up to AI, but much activity is expected to happen in the next 12 months. 


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    Jared is the CEO of PwrdBy, speaker, and a published author. PwrdBy empowers nonprofits to fundraise smarter through artificial intelligence apps such as Amelia and NeonMoves. Before joining PwrdBy, Jared was a Senior Consultant in Deloitte’s Sustainability practice with experience working with Fortune 500 companies to design social and environmental sustainability strategies. He is a Lean Six Sigma Process Black Belt.