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Our world is changing at hyper speed, and one of the leading factors is data. According to some experts, data is the new oil. The world runs on data. The largest companies in the world profit on your data (e.g., Google and Facebook). Data is power, and with it comes the opportunity to experiment. We are in the dawn of the age of artificial intelligence (AI). The ability to collect, test, engineer, and industrialize data will be critical to the shaping of the story of the 21st century.

Our team at PwrdBy has been building AI for the last three years and performing analytics for a decade. We are composed of data scientists, engineers, and researchers who have worked with Fortune 100 companies, government organizations, and nonprofits of all sizes. We are excited to share the State of Artificial Intelligence in the Nonprofit Sector (SAINS) report, the largest study on nonprofit AI to date, as our first publication on our research over the last three years.

The Nonprofit Sector is unique; nonprofits capture an economic area unfulfilled by government or business. Nonprofits represent underserved or underrepresented individuals and communities. At a time when 81% of U.S. adults believe they have little or no control over their personal data, artificial intelligence in the nonprofit community is distinct from the world of business or government.

This is why we need a SAINS report. The sector needs to understand the current state of one of the largest technology revolutions in recent history.

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About the Author: Jared is the CEO of PwrdBy and a published author. Before joining PwrdBy, Jared was a Senior Consultant in Deloitte’s Sustainability practice with experience on social and environmental sustainability engagements. His project expertise centered on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, social impact operating model design, funding strategy, financial analytics, and improving partner engagement programs.