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Here at PwrdBy, we’re big fans of mobile. Nonprofits that embrace mobile see big jumps in their web traffic and supporter engagement. As well, government agencies have a lot to gain from adopting a mobile-friendly strategy. did this recently and saw a huge increase in supporter engagement. Here’s why. transitioned to a responsive web design two years ago. Today, sees more vistitors from mobile than from any other device. On top of societal trends favoring mobile, the organization identified three key reasons for this transition:

Optimized website
Responsive matters. In the months after rolling out the new site, saw a 10-15% jump in mobile visitors. A year after the launch, received 50% of its visits via mobile channels (44% from smartphone alone). Today, two years later, tablets remain around 6%, while smartphones provide over 57% of total traffic.

It wasn’t just the switch to responsive. New content, like a GPS-based testing center locator, was designed with mobile in mind.

“It was a key trigger for the growth we’ve seen, not just in mobile visits, but in overall site traffic.”

Mobile devices are personal. So is HIV/AIDS.
Mobile and desktop searches tend to be different. Desktop searches are somewhat broad, while mobile searches are very specific. This indicates that mobile searches are more closely related to exactly what the patient is experiencing or hearing from his or her doctor.

Personal health issues evoke emotion
According to the Pew Research Center, 40% of those in a health crisis turn to their mobile devices. In this case, a responsive site wasn’t just convenient, it was empathetic. wanted everyone to be able to access all the information they wanted to see, when they wanted to see it. Not just those on a supported platform.

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